The dream that shaped HealthCare Outcomes Institute


Synergus RWE, which is separate company, will continue to exist with the same scope of services regarding Market Access for Digital Health, Medical Devices and Diagnostics as well as the use of Real-World Evidence.

The initiative to start the HealthCare Outcomes Institute, comes from a nudging feeling that we are not able to address the issues that are most important in our healthcare systems and the hope that it may be possible to change this.

This summer I started reading the book “redefining healthcare” by Michal Porter, with a realization how this is the wrong medicine for the context where I live, Sweden. The strategies have been designed in the specific health care dynamics in the US, focusing on how to create competition. It may very well be the right ‘medicine’ in the US, but it is not the right ‘medicine’ in Sweden. If you are interested, I recommend reading the book. Without considering the context specific issues, which are significant, the basic idea that we need to focus on the equation of health outcomes relative to the cost on a disease level is however essential.

In the Swedish setting, and I would say in many European countries, I believe that the way to address this value equation is going to be rather different than in the US due to the difference in the dynamics of healthcare. I believe we must find ways to engage decision makers in understanding the Outcomes That Matter on a disease level to create interest to initiate the necessary changes. Real World Evidence plays a critical role to understand current performance and how the implemented improvements impact the outcomes.  

The work we did with COVID-19 Horizon collaboration, both in terms of the international collaboration about diagnostics and digital solutions as well as the analysis of the Swedish policy triggered the dream that it may be possible to influence HealthCare Outcomes.

The idea is rather simple:

  • What are the “Outcomes that matter” for the specific question / disease
  • Understanding the current status of health care performance, focusing on how real world data can answer the question.
  • Working with those who can provide solutions to the needs, and improve the “Outcomes that matter”, aiming towards the realization of the results we need.

The success of what we do will be measured by:

  • Engaging people in the journey towards improving outcomes in health care.
  • Improving the use of relevant outcomes in real life follow up
  • The ability to draw relevant conclusions from real world data to inform decision making
  • Ability to help guide decisions to implement interventions that have potential to improve outcomes that matter.
  • Evaluate the effect of the interventions with real world data.
  • Scientific publications referenced in decisions.

To make this possible, we obviously must find those who are interested to invest in this journey. We hope that there will be partners recognizing that this approach will be a door opener for the solutions that really address the challenges we have in the healthcare systems.

We are currently working on a couple of interesting projects:

  • How does the funding and governance of chronic diseases in primary care influence the ability to improve with solutions that reduce cost and improve outcomes?
  • How can the governance and leadership of Dementia Care be improved?

Hopefully this will become more than a dream. Help us create a movement to improve the outcomes in HealthCare. If you are interested to follow what is going on, sign up for our newsletter.