Introduction to Digital Health

Digital Health has a significant potential to improve Healthcare. In some respects, it appears as if we thereby assume all digital health by definition is good and should be promoted?? 

From our perspective we want to see the utility of Digital Health Solutions (DHS) that improves care, reduces cost, while providing a better environment for the healthcare professionals. Preferably incorporating all 3 aspects.  

When we are looking at digital health, these are some key questions of consideration: 

  • Why should it be considered and what is the objective of its use? 
    It may appear as a rather obvious question, but from our experience there is very limited discussion about the objective of introducing a DHS. The starting point should be that it can deliver a value that clearly outweighs the cost and effort of implementation. This requires understanding of the Outcomes That Matter and the economic burden for the disease.  

  • The most relevant DHS should be selected 
    For a season, there have been many digital health start-ups around the world aiming to address rather similar problems. It is rather likely that there are other solutions from other countries and regions that will do a better job than the next-door start-up. Even though we are for entrepreneurship, we would suggest that from a societal perspective a responsible evaluation needs to be done of what the best available solutions is for the need. This is the reason why you will find these overviews of available digital solutions by disease area. The aim is to help find the best solutions.  

  • The solutions should be effective and safe 
    Similar to the first point, one would expect this to be obvious. Still solutions are broadly being adapted without evidence or without even knowing if the products fulfill the regulatory requirements. 

With the activities we engage in, we hope that we would be able to support the sustainable utility of DHS that really improve the healthcare.