HealthCare Outcomes Institute

The HealthCare Outcomes Institute Sweden AB is a company based on social entrepreneurship with the aim to facilitate collaboration regarding how to improve the outcomes in health care. The vision came from the experience in the COVID-19 Horizon collaboration where we were able to work across countries to find better digital and diagnostic solutions to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Understanding what the most relevant “Outcomes That Matter” (OTM) are in the evaluation of healthcare performance is the starting point for any improvements. From our initial research, we have found that there is rather limited OTM’s of relevance established.

We believe that digital solutions may have an important role in improving healthcare. However, we need frameworks to understand which solutions can really create the desired effect. Unless we understand the OTM and have the ability to evaluate the impact of any implementation, it will be hard to get it right. Many of the digital solutions that can have the most significant impact depend on the response of either the patient and / or the organization. The value of the solutions will only come from the ability to function in the specific context.

HealthCare Outcomes Institute is a sister company to Synergus RWE which is a traditional for-profit Market Access consultancy, even though shaped through the perspective of how to create value in Society