Our inablity to protect the old from COVID-19


The focus of the international discussion on how to prevent the negative outcomes in the pandemic has been focus one preventing societal spread, testing, access to personal protective equipment and the access to vaccine. The are all rather simple to comprehend and execute, even though they have their challenges.

I would like to engage in a dialogue regarding our ability to protect the old and vulnerable. In our initial analysis “Swedish policy analysis for Covid-19” we highlighted “Limited ability to implement protective measures in some elderly homes.” As the pandemic has evolved the importance of this observation would extend to three groups of elderly in the Swedish Society

  • Living in Long Term Care Facilities
  • Living at home with home care
  • Living in multigenerational housing

Based on the data up until end of December, these 3 groups represent 70-80 % of all COVID-mortality.

For the last few months, I have been trying to understand what can be done to provide a better protection for these groups in addition to the issues listed above.

Through discussion with those working in the front-line with these issues I have come to understand that there are significant preventive measures that have not been implemented. I would suggest that it probably is possible to reduce the mortality in this group with 50%.

I am currently in process to evaluate the feasibility to initiate research projects to better understand these issues.

During the coming weeks I would like to raise some questions where I would appreciate your help to identify potential issues that impact the ability to protect the old and vulnerable. Please send me a message on twitter or use the contact us form.