Swedish Digital Health Update


This is an extraction of a recent webinar (still available on-line) with SALAR (SKR) and Patrik Sundström who kindly provided the slides.

We are planning to have a webinar on 16-17th of April to get European experts together to discuss how we can use Digital Health to address COVID-19.

Here are some highlights from the Swedish actions regarding COVID-19

  • The online self-assessment tool by the region of Stockholm is being used all over Sweden, with 1,5 million evaluations being done, representing 15% of the population.
  • The region of Gothenburg (västra-Götaland) has developed a chat-bot that is increasingly being used across the country.
  • 18 of 21 regions have arranged remote teleconsultations for GP-visits. In addition to this public offer of teleconsultations, citizens also have the right to use the private providers. This gives the whole population access to remote consultations.
  • Increased utility and expedition of implementing management of chronic diseases remotely

One of the observations from the statistics is the initial peak of interest in the topic and the consequent drop. Is there an on-going demand to create and interest and engagement?

Statistics from the presentation

As reference, Sweden has a population of 10,1 million

Number of calls to national help line peaking 12th of March
Incoming calls
Pageviews on national portal for healthcare information (7-day average)
Views of the corona information on the national portal for health care information: