Intro for speakers

We are very thankful that you can contribute to this COVID-19 Horizon collaboration. A few practical things:

  • Technical:
    • We use the Go-to-webinar solution for the webinar, please make sure to-login to the webinar 15 minutes before the start to ensure that everything is working.
    • You can either connect through phone or VOIP with the computer.
    • Please use a mic with good sound quality if possible.
  • Speaker BIO
    • We would very much appreciate if you in due time could provide a brief BIO of yourself and a picture. Please send to at least 2 days prior to event.
  • Presentations
    • If possible, please send the presentation in advance so that we may share with the participants (PDF).
  • During the webinar
    • You will share the presentation from your screen. If you have more than one screen, make sure to share the correct screen.
    • When you are not speaking, please mute yourself to avoid unnecessary disturbance for the audience.
    • In general, we will not have questions and answers during the webinar but at the end of the session.
  • Recording
    • The webinars are recorded and will be available on-line for those who missed them.
  • Report / scientific publications
    • The aim is to prepare reports / scientific publications after the sessions to help disseminate the conclusions. Based on the contribution of the individual speakers, you may be invited to be co-author in the publications.
  • This is not a marketing event
    • If you come from a commercial company, these events are not intended to market your services.